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Mitre by Souda

Maiden Lane

Clients: Nials Fallon & Gareth Maccubbin
Location: 162 Avenue B, New York City
Completion: April 2013
Between January 2013 and April 2013, Souda worked with Maiden Lane owners, Nials Fallon & Gareth Maccubbin, to plan their renovation of the former space of historic East Village eatery, Life Cafe.

Both Nials and Gareth were interested in creating a space with subtle nautical references while paying tribute to the history of the East Village. Souda consulted on a number of the design and material choices throughout the space, focusing primarily on a custom overhead lighting system unique to Maiden Lane.

The slatted pine ceiling contains sections of upward-facing LEDs, which provide a warm indirect light while working within the restriction of low ceilings. The lighting is also energy efficient, using only half the voltage of a typical light bulb to provide light for the entire space.

Located at 162 Ave B in Manhattan's East Village, Maiden Lane is open 7 days a week from noon to midnight.